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Art that is meant to be used
Colleen and Alex have registered with Chatham Pottery for 10~4 piece place settings in the blue windswept pine tree pattern. In addition to the place settings, they would love to receive some matching serving pieces which will be custom made for them in their pattern and can be personalized with their wedding date and your name on the back, if you so desire. There are many options available in a variety of price ranges. Please feel free to call or email to select exactly what you would like to give them. 
Contact Chatham Pottery for more details about sizes and prices for the serving pieces
Colleen & Alex  June 1, 
Platter Windswept Pine in Blue
Prices range depending on size from $75 -200
4 piece place setting includes dinner plate and a mug and for Christina and Mike a lunch/dessert plate and a cereal bowl $135
All Chatham Pottery pieces can be used in the conventional oven, microwave oven 
and the dishwasher.
No lead is used!
4 piece place settings each include a dinner plate, lunch/dessert plate, cereal bowl and large mug $135

Some other pieces that Colleen and Alex would enjoy: 
Serving bowls $50-$250 can also be used in the oven. So they can make salad in it one day and the next day bake in it! 
Casseroles  and covered serving pieces
Platters  ($75-$200)
Little serving bowls $25-40 (go well with platters for serving appetizers etc.) 

Our handmade stoneware pottery tableware sets are as unique as each of the customers for whom they are created. We like to find out about their special dining and entertaining styles to help them create a set that will function perfectly for their use. We have created sets in multiple glazes and shapes over the years, and enjoy the process of designing sets for new people. Many of our sets are created for couples first starting out. We also create entire sets for people who are looking to finally have the  "set of their dreams". 
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