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Chatham Pottery welcomes custom orders for dinnerware and tableware sets!

Sets can be made in any of the Chatham Pottery designs and glazes.  Or we can work with you to give you totally unique dishes. The shape and the size of the individual pieces can also be customized.
A 4 piece set may include a dinner plate & mug & any combination of smaller plates &/or bowls

4 piece set $135 Bridal Registry is available! 

You may also choose a set of dessert dishes or perhaps a set of mugs.

Dinner Ware and Tableware
examples of several different patterns

Art that is meant to be used
blue and green dessert bowls
Functional pottery
 enriches daily living. In these times of fast food, where so much food
is eaten out of paper, plastic or Styrofoam, hand made pottery
can bring some soul into the daily rituals of eating and drinking. One can appreciate the art while actually using it. Pots help us connect with people on a
very basic human level.